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Social media is playing an important role in promoting the website and getting leads to the company. Getting leads is the major purpose of all this stuff, so with the help of these weapon called Social Media it is possible to achieve success. Some of the famous Social media available in the market are as follows.


Facebook : – Today Facebook is one of the most common social media platforms where discussions and exchange of ideas take place. Statistics show that around 95% of your potential customers hangout on Facebook. Thus marketing your business on Facebook is one of the best ways to reach out to a wider audience through viral marketing campaigns.
With over a billion Facebook users, marketing your business on Facebook gives you immense opportunity of growth and building trust among your customers. It is an open platform through which you can very easily connect with your existing customers as well as widen your customer base with regular updates about your products and services.


How to do Facebook marketing or SEO for Facebook

1) Create a Facebook Page first and fill the details

2) Then add a Profile Picture and a Cover photo of your company

3) Then go to About menu an fill the details



Add the location of your company in the Map


Fill the page info

  • Category : Fill the category of your company for example Financial agency.
  • Name : Name of the Company.
  • Subcategories : Fill the subcategory which your company belongs to.
  • Username : Give the Username
  • Address : Provide the address of your company
  • Start date : When your company was started
  • Hours : Working hours of your company like : – Open for selected hours, Always open, No hours available.
  • Short description : Give a short description about your company or business
  • Impressum : An Impressum page is something like your website’s “About us” or “Terms and conditions” pages.
  • Long description : Give a long description about your company or business
  • General Information : Give general information about your company
  • Price range : Give a price range if any
  • Parking : Give if available
  • Public Transit : Provide if any
  • Phone number : Give you mobile or Landline Number which is available during the company timing.
  • Email : Give an Email ID
  • Website : Insert the Company website
  • Official Page : Enter the official brand, celebrity or organization your Page is about
  • Facebook Page ID : It will be by default


4) Add details in the Contact us button

  • Add a button to your Page that takes people directly to your website or app.
  • Choose a button
  • Website
  • IOS settings
  • Android Settings
  • After filling all these save the changes


5) You can start posting of photos, videos, and more content of your website or company


6) Boost you post by paying some amount to Facebook

  • To promote your local business from ad creation:
  • Go to
  • Choose the Reach people near your business objective.
  • Choose the Page associated with your local business.
  • Set your targeting and budget.
  • Add your creative and choose a call-to-action button.


7) Facebook will provide you many tips to improve your page accuracy like

  • Know friends who might like your Page?
    Inviting friends to like your Page helps other people discover it.
  • What’s a boosted post?
    A boosted post is the easiest way to reach more people on Facebook.
  • How to create effective posts
    Short, visual posts created for the right audience are more successful.
  • How do Facebook adverts work?
    Reach all the right people where they’re active and engaged.
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